Alexa Romanes

Probably better known as a playwright, having written a successful children's play, she has also written three children's books, two of which form a short pony series. Also worked on a musical composition and as a radio actress. I am not sure what her connection to horses is - if any - and would be interested if anyone has any more information regarding this aspect of the author's life.

Kelsie series:

(BEAVER PB 1983)
SUMMARY: Kelsie is staying at a horse sanctuary in Cornwall where she gets caught up in a financial crisis, a missing stallion and lots of other adventures.

(BEAVER PB 1985)
SUMMARY: Kelsie is older and now studying for a career with horses. She finally gets a pony of her own. Unfortunately he is from the local circus and not an easy ride!

Collectors Info:
Paperback editions only. Although not as commonly seen as books by the more well-known pony authors, they can be found reasonably easily in the UK and are usually cheap. Harder to find elsewhere.